Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disney Channel Premiere Film: Not Quite Human (1987)

Not Quite Human

Dr. Jonas Carson creates an android that looks just like a human 17-year-old boy, and he "adopts" him as his son and as an older brother to Becky, who names him Chip. After the Carsons move to a new town, Chip is enrolled in high school alongside Becky. Dr. Carson also begins teaching science at the school, so he can keep a close watch over his son's progress.

Dr. Carson's former employer, Gordon Vogel, seeks to apprehend Carson's functional android, believing that he is entitled to this advanced technology since it was developed while Carson was under a contract that he didn't fulfill. Vogel has plans to turn Chip into a war-machine military project.
The first of three films in a series, Not Quite Human is a 1987 television movie, based on the Not Quite Human book series by Seth McEvoy.


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